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About Us

FRAP! Melbourne

Based in Melbourne, Australia, FRAP! is the name that we at House of Uniforms use to group together our collective creative visions. 

Whilst we spend most of our days toiling over branded uniforms in our day job, at our core we are a group of highly creative individuals, many of whom have worked with garments our whole working life.

We love clothing, accessories, branding, design, colour & above all, creating. Many of us have our own independent clothing brands which we work on after hours. You'll find those on the FRAP! website as well.

FRAP! allows us to work under our own labels & as a collaborative team to create & showcase the things that we love. Each product has a story, some items are the vision of one designer, some are collaborations between several of us. We like experimenting with colour, design, texture & branding methods to produce interesting & unique clothing & accessories.

We don’t make hundreds of anything so you can be sure when you purchase something from FRAP! that you are purchasing a unique product that someone has spent a lot of time thinking about & working on by hand to achieve the final product. You're also helping to keep Melbourne based design & creativity alive.

We search the world to find the best quality imprintables to alter, print, decorate, rework & embellish right here in our Melbourne production facility. Our experience in garments ensures we only offer the highest quality products. We want our products to be around for years to come, we’ve worked hard on them & hope each piece you select becomes a favourite in your wardrobe.

We love to see our products out & about, as designers it's exciting when someone loves one of our products as much as we do. So if you have a photo of yourself wearing something we’ve made please share it on our social media pages.